River City will have three options of competition this year. Read about each level and what will meet the needs of the participant.  For those who were new to club last year and did not experience a full season, do not base your selection for this year on last year. A full season never happened, full levels of competition never materialized.  All tournaments were not held.  Additional growth in physical volleyball skills or volleyball IQ were not allowed to be achieved.  There were so many things that were disrupted last season, it is like predicting the end of a movie you saw 1/2 of.

Also, please remember at River City each and every year at tryouts, each player will tryout for a team.  NO ONE has or will be granted a position on a team prior to a tryout.  For more on Our Philosophy, click here.

For anyone questioning what level their daughter would be best participating in, give Deb a call.  402-213-4644.

Tryout information for a

National Team

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Tryout information for a

Regional Team

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Tryout information for a

Local Team

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Pre-Tryout Clinics

Come Join us for our 11-14 Pre-Tryout Clinics

Monday Nights  Sept 14, 21, 28 or Oct. 5

13-14s from 7-9pm   11-12s from 7-8:30pm

Come Join us for our 15-18s Pre-Tryout Clinics

Nov 1 12:00pm-2:00pm

Nov 2  7:00pm-9:00pm

Nov 5  7:00pm-9:00pm

Nov. 7 8:00am-10:00am

River City will host tryouts for a variety of levels for players this 2021 season.  Select the level you feel you want to commit to.

National level players are required to go to Nationals in Orlando.  These teams will register for three major tournaments plus nationals.  The remainder of their schedule will be mainly Omaha, Lincoln, KC or Des Moines. For more information Click Here

Regional level players will play in Omaha, Lincoln, and other cities within a 2-4 hour range of Omaha. Regional teams can vote to go to any major tournament.  For more information Click Here.

Local level teams were created for the HS multi-sport athlete and the MS & Elem teams wanting a club experience without the full commitment and more expensive cost of a full season.  There will be two seasons, a Winter Season (Dec-Feb) and a Spring Season (Mar-mid-May).  For more information Click Here.

The age group you tryout for regardless of level:

NEW AGE CUTOFF DATE FOR ALL AFFILIATIONS (AAU, USAV, JVA) What age will you be on July 1, 2021???

That is the true age group you must register for. You may play up an age, but please register for your real age group.

​​​The following is usually the grade and corresponding age group:
​11u = 5th grade (many 4th graders will tryout for this age group)
12u = 6th grade
13 = 7th grade
​14u = 8th grade
15u = 9th grade
16u = 10th grade
17u = 11th grade
18u = 12th grade

​Players may try out for an older age group at anytime, never younger. Issues arise when a player has a June, birthday and will not turn the "age" they must tryout for until after the season is complete. Example, a 7th grader is 13 when they enter school in the fall, but will turn 14 in June, so they MUST tryout for 14s while they are in 7th grade.