RC Open & Club levels for boys

River City Jrs will offer two levels for boys volleyball.  The Open level is for boys who are wanting to play at very competitive level and have opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge of the game so they may look into playing college men's volleyball.  This level is for 18u and 16u boys. We will attend tournaments in Omaha and within surrounding states.  Attending the National tournament in Orlando, FL will be voted on once the season starts.  The season will run from the beginning of Dec to mid Apr. See more details below regarding cost and schedule.

The Club Level teams are comprised of mainly 14u and 12u will play in Omaha and possibly Lincoln. The season is split into two sessions Winter and Spring. Each session is 8 weeks in length. All players will make a team, no experience necessary (there are no cuts), only the desire to learn the fastest growing game for boys in the US.  See details below for cost and schedule.

10-14 Tryouts

National Team Tryouts (11-14u) 

Oct. 13, 2019    8a-11a

Regional Team Tryouts (11-14u)

Oct 21, 2019    6:00p-9:00p

11-14u Mandatory Player-Parent Meeting

Nov. 3rd 12:30-2:30 (new time)

15-18 Tryouts

Club tryout # 1 (15-18u) 

Sunday, November 3, 2019


Club tryout #2 (15-18u)

Sunday November 10, 2019

8:00- 11:00a

Mandatory Player-Parent Meeting

Sunday, November 10, 2019 11:00-2:00p   Lunch provided for parents and players by RC 14s teams 11-noon, meeting 12-2p.  Uniform fitting included.


The age group you tryout for:
What age will you be on Sept. 1, 2020???

That is the true age group you must register for.  You may play up an age, but please register for your real age group.

​​​The following is usually the grade and corresponding age group:
​11u = 5th grade (many 4th graders will tryout for this age group)
12u = 6th grade
13 = 7th grade
​14u = 8th grade
15u = 9th grade
16u = 10th grade
17u = 11th grade
18u = 12th grade

​Players may try out for an older age group at anytime, never younger.  Issues arise when a player has a June, July or August birthday and will not turn the "age" they must tryout for until after the season is complete.  Example, a 7th grader is 13 when they enter school in the fall, but will turn 14 in June, July or Aug, so they MUST tryout for 14s while they are in 7th grade.

Multiple Teams per age group:

Potential number of players we anticipate to be accepted per age group:
​10-11u (18-21 players forming 3 teams. 10 and 11u players are not cut)
​12u (28-30 players forming 3 teams, max of 10 per team...may be more teams as 12u are rarely cut from the program)
​13u (28-30 players forming 3 teams, max of 10 per team on Navy and Red, White team will have 8 or 9)
14u (28-30 players forming 3 teams, max of 10 per team on Navy and Red, White team will have 8 or 9)
15u (20 players forming 2 teams, max of 10 per team)
16u (20 players forming 2 teams, max of 10 per team)
17u/18u (40 players forming 3 or 4 teams, max of 10 per team)

Tryout Format
​The tryout process is conducted over multiple dates for all age groups.
It is beneficial for the players to have multiple dates:
>  in case they would have a "poor tryout" on the single tryout date
>  who has a conflict on the single tryout date
>  it gives the players a chance to show how they improve and make adjustments over a period of time

It is beneficial for the coaches to see the athletes over a period of dates:
>  to see the adjustments being made
>  to see skill improvement
>  to see how coachable the athlete is
>  to get the best comparison of all athletes over many hours of tryouts vs a 2 or 3 hr tryout

All tryout dates prior to the final date are known as "Club Tryouts". The final tryout date is the "Team Selection Tryouts".  A player may be offered a club selection spot at any of the "club" tryout dates.  The offer becomes final when the player and parents accept the offer by signing a Club Contract and making a $350 non-refundable deposit to their 2018-2019 base dues.  Players will be asked to accept their position in the club on the final tryout.  For 15-18s tryouts you must accept or decline the position on the final date. No position will be held if we have alternates.

For all players being selected to the club, you are required to attend our Mandatory Player/Parent Meeting. 

  • 11-14s will meet on Oct 28th from 6:30-8:30p.
  • 15-18s will meet following the tryout on November 10th from 11:00a-2:00p. There will be a lunch for all players, parents and coaches from 11:00-noon. This is our 4th annual luncheon hosted by RC 14s players and parents.