Boys Teams

Competitive Club Teams

River City Juniors hosts three levels of competition for boys teams.  We started with one team in 2018-2019, two teams in 2019-2020 (COVID cut the season short), two teams in 2020-2021.  We are looking to grow to 3 or 4 teams for the 2022 season.  Currently we are looking for boys who want to play in the 18u, 16u, 14u and 12u age groups.

The National Level teams will play in Omaha and regional events as well as National level events. The MAIN season will begin in early Nov and will conclude in Feb. The second season is the National season, from May-mid to late June and includes the national tournament in Orlando. Players may vote to attend additional tournament in Mar and April if a minimum of 8 players can attend that tournament. Players selected to a national level team will be selected by ability.

The Regional Level teams will play in Omaha and within a 2-3 hour drive of Omaha. The season will begin in early Nov. at the same time as the National level team and will conclude in Mar..  Players may vote to attend tournaments after the season if a minimum of 8 players can attend that tournament. Players must tryout to make a regional team.

The Local Level is the league level.  All League play will take place at our home facility, TVA.  Currently the Fall, Winter and Spring Leagues will all be run by TVA.  The Summer League will be run through River City Jrs. All players will make a team, no experience necessary, only the desire to learn one of the fastest growing sports for boys in the US.  Players are placed on teams by ability first.

Club vs League

There are major differences between playing in a league and playing in a club.

We host several leagues throughout the year, either through River City Jrs or TVA.  Both organizations run the leagues in similar fashion and are run by the same coaches. It is all dependent on the time of year which organization is the one running the league.

See these differences below

Club Volleyball

  • Higher level of training and competition
  • Longer season
  • More practices/week
  • More tournaments
  • Higher commitment level by the athlete
  • Requires some travel, can be regional or national
  • There are two seasons for boys club: 1) Main Season and 2) the National Season
  • Cost for the Main season can range from $600-$1200 for the main season depending on if a team is Regional or National
  • Cost for the National season is $400
  • Main season runs from Nov-Mar
  • National season runs from May-mid June (includes Nationals in Orlando)


  • Competitive level depends on level of athlete
  • Shorter seasons (6-9 weeks)
  • One practice/week
  • Three tournaments/league
  • Great for the newcomer
  • No travel, only Omaha or Lincoln
  • Cost per League can range from $200-$250
  • Currently four Leagues are offered (Fall, Winter, Spring- through TVA and Summer through River City Jrs)
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