2021 Practice Schedule

This is the projected schedule for each team for the 2021 season.  This is not set in stone.  Adjustments may be made depending on the needs of teams.  We will try to work with conflicting schedules, but realize we cannot flip practices around all the time to meet all players conflicts.  If you child is to miss a practice we require them to make it up prior to the next tournament.  In some cases this is impossible so a two week time frame is given.  To make up a practice the player attends another teams practice that is equivalent in level if at all possible.  If the player does not make up the practice in a reasonable time, they will sit out one 25 point game at the next tournament.

We will work with our multi-sport and multi-activity athletes so they can do all the activities they wish to do.  Missing a practice for ANY reason, is missing a practice.  Sick, other activity, out of town or family emergency all fall into missing a practice.  We simply ask that it gets made up in a reasonable time. This will show your coaches and teammates your are committed to the team and the RC program.

5:15-7:00 (7-7:30 Plyo training)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
11 Navy (local) 12 Navy 11 Navy (local) 12 Navy
11 Red (local) 12 Red 11 Red (local) 12 Red
TVA 3-4 12 RC (local) TVA 3-4 12 RC (local)
TVA 5-6 13 Navy TVA 3-4 13 Navy
TVA 5-6 13 Red TVA 3-4 13 Red
TVA 5-6 13 RC (local) TVA 3-4 13 RC (local)
TVA 7-8 14 RC (local) TVA 5-6 14 RC (local)
TVA 7-8 14u Boys TVA LD 14u Boys
7:30-9:30 (7-7:30 Plyo training)
18 Navy 15 Navy 18 Navy 15 Navy
17 Navy 15 Red 17 Navy 15 Red
18 Red 15-16 RC (local) 18 Red 15-16 RC (local)
17 Red 16 Boys 17 Red 16 Boys
16 Navy 14 Navy 16 Navy 14 Navy
16 Red 14 Red 16 Red 14 Red
17-18 RC (local) 14 White 17-18 RC (local) 14 White
18 Boys 14 Silver 18 Boys 14 Silver

Specialty/Position Training

Saturday Mornings

8:00-10:00 a.m.

**Each age group will have Specialty Training alternating each week, starting Jan 2nd.