2020-2021 Coaches

Level Team First Last
Local 11-12 Local Danielle Matras
Local 11-12 Local
Local 11-12 Local Sarah Lundbak
Local 11-12 Local Paige Roberts
Local 11-12 Local Katey Fabian
Local 11-12 Local Anne Shubert
Regional 12Navy Brittany Fleming
Regional 12Navy Cassidy Renander
Regional 12Red Hannah Boone
Regional 12Red Carly Stepanek
Local 13-14 L-Navy Rochelle Rohlfs
Local 13-14 L-Navy Karen Povondra
Local 13-14 L-Red Jordan Cervantes
Local 13-14 L-Red Rachel Friesen
National 13Navy Maggie Madej
National 13Navy Elyse Globe
Regional 13Red Elisa Booth
Regional 13Red Lucy Drexel
National 14Navy Wes Ahl
National 14Navy Kia Scott
Regional 14Red Alli DeVries
Regional 14Red Ashley Morse
Regional 14Silver Dani Squire
Regional 14Silver Katie Mendick
Regional 14White Sarah Barmettler
Regional 14White Mark Kirlin
Local 15-16 L-Navy Christa Roberts
Local 15-16 L-Navy Melynne Kessler
National 15Navy Jess Duval
National 15Navy Sophie Cox (Auch Moedy)
National 15Red Jordan Cervantes
National 15Red Taelen Ahl
Regional 16 White Brandon Ray
Regional 16 White Miranda Johnson
National 16Navy Laura Cushing
National 16Navy Maryssa Wilkinson
National 16Red Randall Loch
National 16Red Klaire Phillips
National 17Navy Krista Barr
National 17Navy Katie Ferge
National 18Navy Deb Grafentin
National 18Navy Aimee Noel
National 18Red Sheila Pleskac
National 18Red Sage Meyer
Local Boys16u Randy Weich
National Boys18u Jeremy Young
Boys 18/16 Jared Uhlir

We have parent/coaches who must be placed after their daughter tries out and makes a team.  We do not believe it is fair to automatically put a child on a team just because their parent coaches there.  That player must earn the spot on that team.

For any parent/coach in our program they understand this process.  They also understand the coach/player role. There will be no "special" treatment for a player who happens to have a parent as a coach.  The expectations of that player are the same as all players. 

Those players must also understand this role and refer to the parent coach as "coach", never mom or dad during practices or tournaments.  Our parent coaches are highly qualified and have extensive years of playing at a high level along with years of coaching experience.  River City is thankful we have the opportunity to utilize this excellent coaching talent, while at the same time allowing this parent to be able to "watch" their child play instead of missing most of their season because they are at a different location, or playing at the same time on different courts.

If anyone should ever have a question about the placement of our coaches, you should contact me directly.

The remaining portion of our coaching staff (TBA) will be filled in over the next two weeks as schedules are finalized.