Book your lesson with the button on the right.  We have three full time instructors Deb Grafentin, Krista Barr, and Taelen Ahl and numerous part time instructors.  When booking if you do not see a time slot on the day you are looking, that instructor is completely booked for that day. Days with a Bold date will have times available.

How the calendar year may affect your scheduling
Most lessons at this time must take place after school.  The court space available for rental on Mon-Thur. for lessons diminishes after 5:30 due to club teams practicing.  Sometimes we may have an evening opening, but you may have to book it weeks in advance.

June-mid July
This is a better time for lessons as we usually have variety of available slots.

Mid July to early November
This has been the most popular time for lessons as players get ready for school tryouts and then club tryouts.  You may have to book a month ahead of time to secure the time and day you want

Booking your lesson:
Please click on the button in the upper righthand of this page.
Or go to the TVA website and go to the lessons page.
Select a 30 or 60 min lesson.
Select Deb, Krista, or Taelen for your lesson.  If you wish to have another TVA coach we can help you make those arrangements. Email [email protected]

You should receive a confirmation email within minutes.  Our new platform will also send you a reminder one day prior to the lesson and then again 4 hrs prior to the lesson.


This will take you to our new scheduling platform, operated by THRYV.