Why three levels offered?

There are many reasons players & parents choose to play club volleyball.  At RC we offer a multiple of levels of competition and training to accommodate as many of those needs as possible. Players and parents must fully understand the level of play they are selecting and choosing to tryout for. Each have goals and objectives to help all players improve.

Why the Local level?  This level is being offered by RC for multiple reasons.  Someone wants to try club, but is not sure they are ready.  The student-athlete is in numerous activities and certain seasons interfere with a club season that overlaps other seasons. They do not wish to travel for both time and expense purposes.

We offer two Local sessions.  Winter and Spring.  The Winter sessions will begin practices in Dec and finish season at the end of Feb.  12 weeks in length.  The Spring sessions will start the beginning of Mar and end the end of Apr.

Winter Session Local Teams Tryout Dates/Times

11-14s   Oct 14, 2021 6:30-9:30

Spring Session Local Teams Tryout Dates/Times

2nd week of Feb (date TBD)

Any player not making the Local level level is highly recommended to tryout for the TVA Winter League.

Players will be made offers immediately following the tryout.  Players must accept or decline at this time.  Any player declining will have their spot offered to the next player in line. Players accepting their offer will be handed a contract and other information.  A $250 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of acceptance.

How many will be selected?  If 25 girls tryout, we will keep at least two Regional teams. The coaching staff will rank players in order of ability from #1, #2, #3.....to the maximum number that tryout.  The top ten will make the 1st team and players ranked 11-20 will make the 2nd team.  If anyone on the 1st team declines their position, #11 will be asked to move up. If anyone on the 2nd team would decline their position #21 would be asked if they want that spot on the team.

Number of teams being selected at the Local Level for the Winter Session

11u are not usually cut from the program, we would only cut if the numbers exceed the number of teams we can make.  Anyone cut will be advised to join the TVA Spring League-(there are no cuts in this program)

The final number of Local teams will depend on the total number of players trying out.

Mandatory Player/Parent Meeting

Oct 24, 2021  12:00-2:30pm

All Local team players and at least 1 parent are required to be in attendance

Local Teams Information

We will be offering a this in two sessions or seasons. This level is designed for the HIGH SCHOOL MULTI-SPORT athlete and the MS or Elem school age player who is not ready to commit full time to club due to time or finances. We will have a Winter Session, best for athletes who compete in Spring Sports, and a Spring Session, best for athletes who compete in Winter Sports.

  • Number of players per team:  8-10
  • Tournaments for the season: 5
  • Winter Session Players base dues:
    • $950/Session or season (12 weeks)
  • Spring Session Players base dues:
    • $825/Session or season (9 weeks)
  • Included in base dues are:
    • All tournaments (Omaha/Lincoln)
    • Coaches salary
    • Court Rental
    • Administration fees
    • Insurance fees
    • Equipment fees
    • Strength & Conditioning Program
      • Plyo/Agility Training is from 7:00-7:30pm Mon-Thur on your practice night

River City Local teams will train along side our National and Regional teams.  These teams will only play in the Omaha and Lincoln area for tournaments.

Teams practice twice a week.  Please see the Calendar page or the Team page for practices days and times. Practices are 2 hours long.

Tournament schedule is currently in the works and will be finalized as soon as all other club directors post their tournament schedules.