‚ÄčQuestions regarding JVA

What is JVA?
JVA (Junior Volleyball Association) was established in 2006 by Club Directors and Coaches who are committed to improving Junior Volleyball. What sets the JVA apart from any other junior volleyball association is that we are the ONLY association that is solely focused on junior volleyball and the needs of junior clubs; we are an organization that is run by junior club directors for junior clubs. ALL of our resources go back into junior programming. For more information, please check out the JVA website: http://jva.avca.org/Home.aspx

Is the competition level of AAU/JVA Nationals lower then USAV since you don’t have to qualify?
The best clubs in the country are playing JVA, and attending the AAU/JVA Junior Nationals (in Orlando, FL). Last year’s tournament had 1700 teams playing, up from 1200 the year before. Clubs like Nebraska Jrs, Sports Performance, Milwaulkee Sting, Wisconsin Jrs, Club Fusion, Sky High, M1, Northern Lights and Team Z to name a few. These powerhouse clubs are constantly producing National Champions and finishing at the top of all divisions.

Who can play in JVA tournaments?
Any team can play in a JVA tournament (JVA, AAU, USAV, non affilitation). These tournaments are open to any team who wants to play. There is a slight cost difference in the entry fee for non-JVA affiliated teams to allow them to be covered by insurance for that tournament. The cost is not much, and will be less then you would pay for a normal entry fee.

I’ve heard that JVA is more expensive, what is the cost difference?
The membership to JVA is included in your dues, and equals out to about $10/person compared to USA’s $65/person; both organization’s fees cover registration & insurance. Also, most travel tournaments for JVA are 2-day tournaments which means you miss less work, and your daughter misses less school. Plus, you will save money on travel costs (hotel rooms, gas/flights, etc). We have the ability to stay in any hotel we want to; not the ones dictated to us by USA.

How much will we have to travel?
All 1’s & 2’s teams will attend The World Challenge (held in Kansas City, MO in April) and most will attend Nationals. By knowing this ahead of time, parents and players can begin making travel arrangements as well as fundraising to offset the costs of these tournaments. Nationals will be completed by June 26th, so families have an opportunity to have a summer break, or at least some time in between Club and high school seasons. All teams will have about the same number of local tournaments.