Girls Teams

"Projected" Teams in Age Groups for 2023-2024

We will have 27 teams in our girls division this year.  Below are the list of teams.

Here are the "projected" teams for the upcoming season, based on last year's numbers and what we feel will return for this year.


12Navy National
12Red Regional
12White Local
12Silver Local
12Gray Local
11Navy Regional


13Navy National
13Red Regional
13White Regional
13Silver Local


14Navy National
14Red National
14White Regional
14Silver Regional
14Gray Local
14Blue Local


15Navy National
15Red National
15White Regional
15Silver Regional
15/16Gray Local


16Navy National
16Red National
16White Regional
15/16Gray Local


17Navy National
18Navy National
17/18Red Regional
13 Navy National champs2

Age Groups and the competitive levels that we have

10s and 11s Regional and local only

12s National, Regional and Local

13s National, Regional and Local

14s National, Regional and Local

15s National, Regional and Local

16s National, Regional and Local

17s National, Regional

18s National