Jan 21 or 22

This Weekend's Events and their Link

11N, 12N, 12R, 12W, 13N, 13R, 13W, 14N, 14R, 14W, 14S


15N, 15R, 15W, 15S, 15G, 16N, 16R, 16W, 16S, 17N, 18N


12S, 12G, 12B



Power League 1 Jan 21



Power League 1 Jan 22


SWI 3rd Degree Jan 22

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What to enter a River City Tournament

Click the tournament name and it will take you to AES for registering your team(s).  JVA events are for any affiliation.  All teams are welcome.  You do not have to be registered with any known association. Our insurance will cover all entry insurance fees.