National Team Costs/Information

  • There will be two seasons for boy’s club volleyball
    • The MAIN Season officially begins early Nov. and ends in Mar.
      • Number of players per team:  9-10
      • Tournaments for the season:  6-7
      • Players base dues are:  $1000
      • Included in base dues are:
        • all local tournaments (Lincoln/Omaha)
        • coaches salary
        • administration fees
        • insurance fees
        • equipment fees
        • specialty training sessions
        • Team Genius platform
        • strength training and conditioning program
          • Plyo/Agility Training is from 7:00-7:30pm Mon-Thur on your practice night
        • nutrition and concussion information provided by UNMC and Children's Hospital
    • The NATIONAL Season begins in May and ends in mid to late June at AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL
      • Players who made a team in the Main season automatically qualify for a team for the National season
      • Anyone else must tryout to make a team for the National season
      • There are three tournaments for this season, which includes the national tournament.
      • Nationals Season Dues are $350
        • Included in National dues are:
          • One additional tournament/scrimmage
          • Practice fees for court rental
          • administration fees
          • insurance fees
          • Plyo/Agility Training on your practice night
      • National Travel Fees are $350
        • These fees cover
          • Tournament entry fee of $895
          • Coach's hotel per diem
          • Coach's flight/travel per diem
          • Coach's food per diem
  • Fundraising and Scholarship opportunities available

These dues do not include:
Registration fees for USAV (these MUST be paid by the family-clubs are not allowed to pay for any individual). Uniforms or back packs. Travel Fees for any tournament the team attends out of the Omaha or Lincoln area that is not listed in the above base fee structure, this includes all travel tournaments and expenses. Which could include: coaches travel,  coaches hotel expenses, and entry fee.  Players will be assessed a Travel Tournament Fee in addition to your base dues for each tournament that requires an over night stay. If it is a one day trip, for example to KC, and the coaches do not need hotel stay, then only a gas & food fee will be applied.  This makes the trip less expensive, so a smaller fee is charged.

Main Season National Tryout Dates/Times (Boys 17-18u)

Main Season National Tryout Dates/Times (Boys 15-16u)


Players will be made offers immediately following the tryout.  Players must accept or decline at this time. Players accepting their offer will be handed a contract and other information.  A $250 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of acceptance.

Mandatory Player/Parent Meeting (All Boys teams)


All National team players and at least 1 parent are required to be in attendance.  This will include uniform try on.

River City Boys teams will train and compete on the national/regional level.  Teams practice twice a week.  Please see the Calendar page or the Practice Calendar for practices days and times. Practices are 2 hours long.

National Team Parameters

  • Higher level of training and competition
  • Longer season
  • More practices/week
  • More tournaments
  • Higher commitment level by the athlete
  • Requires some travel, can be regional or national
  • There are two seasons for boys club: 1) Main Season and 2) the National Season
  • Cost for the Main season can range from $900-$1200 for the main season depending on if a team is Regional or National
  • Cost for the National season is $350
  • Main season runs from Nov-Mar
  • National season runs from May-late June or early July (includes Nationals in Orlando)