Our Training Philosophy

We believe in training techniques and strategies that all coaches and players work within the same philosophy. When a player on a younger team trains with the same ideas, strategies, and techniques as older players, it will make their transition to play at a higher level a smoother experience. When players do not have to take steps backward from season to season, year to year, individuals can prepare and develop a more consistent and efficient level of play.

It is beneficial to all coaches and players in our club to use the same “volleyball language” and believe in the same philosophies.  Coaches who are in our program believe in how and what we teach.  In all areas where people work with other people a “culture” is developed.

Our culture believes in “SUCCESS”! Success can be defined in many ways.  In our culture it may be the player who gets their overhand serve over the net for the very first time, or the player who has become a strong confident individual because they have learned to overcome adversity in training and in matches, or the understanding of how to work with others to improve from day to day and week to week. Success is not measured in our culture in wins and losses.  Nor are the players we train measured by the number of digs, kills, or block they get in a match, but rather by their ability to always fight and never give up.

Our training for all players starts with 37 year veteran coach, Deb Grafentin.  She will be the main Master Coach for all age groups and all teams.  As the Master Coach, she will oversee the coaching on all teams.  Practices will be conducted by the Master Coach as the lead with the practice plan for training fundamentals, drills, game aspects, and strategies. The coaches of each team will lead and direct their team through the drills designed by the Master Coach.

This year in our new facility we will have the ability more than ever to implement this philosophy throughout all training.  That includes practices, specialty training and even in matches.

Coach Grafentin will write all practice plans and be the master coach for all age groups.  River City will develop additional Master Coaches who will have the same philosophies and training methods to enhance the training for all members of our club. We will start in January with practices that age groups will be training together.  For example, all 17-18s will practice at the same time, 15-16s, 13-14s, and 11-12s will all practice with those respective age groups.  The full practice schedule will be posted on the practice page.

“I am looking forward to working with each and every coach and team this season”.  Coach Grafentin