Rumor Mill

Every year rumors fly like crazy! Well, here are some answers to several of those rumors regarding River City, right from the horse’s mouth. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly. I will let you know if it’s true or not! – Thanks Deb

Rumors regarding River City….are they true or untrue?

RUMOR: Investors for the new facility are now the decision makers for both RC and TVA

TRUTH: This is completely false. There are investors for the new facility. These investors do not have any voting or speaking power. They have invested in our business to get a return on their investment.  If you are interested in speaking with me about this you must contact me directly.  I am not at liberty to discuss the investment side of the new facility due to SEC rules and regulations, except privately. I will be glad to speak with anyone who calls regarding the future of River City or TVA.

RUMOR: Once on a 1s team  you will always on a 1s team from year to year.

TRUTH: Never has been true and never will be true at River City.  We will see kids improve from year to year who were on a 2s or 3s team who moved up to a 1s team the next year.  We have seen 1s team players not improve and be passed by players in the club and new players come to tryouts who are better skilled. Let me ask you….if your daughter were new to our club or had been on a lower team, shouldn’t she be given a chance to make the 1s team each year?  My answer as club director is YES!

Also, please understand that we have been working hard to disspel the idea that ONLY the 1s teams are good.  In our club every team is important and the idea is to have every team improve.  That is why both our 1s and 2s teams are making the same commitment to attend the World Challenge & Nationals.  But, realize everyone will have to earn their way on to a team.

RUMOR: River City has already pre-selected their teams for the upcoming season.

TRUTH: River City is not pre-selecting club teams. We have only done this a few times, and when we did, it was posted immediately that we would not be having a tryout for that age group. River City believes in giving everyone a fair chance at tryouts and to promise spots to players is unfair. River City is looking to fill all spots on all teams in all age groups. We want you to come tryout at River City because you want to, not because you were promised a spot on a team.

RUMOR: Clubs playing JVA will have to travel out of the Omaha-Lincoln area for all of their tournaments.

TRUTH: In fact, travel will be less this year than in the past. More clubs this year in the region are hosting JVA tournaments. This year most teams will have the range of travel near and around Omaha. Please see our tournament page for the current schedule.

RUMOR: River City Jrs is training full time (all year)

TRUTH: River City Jrs has actually gone to a shorter season for the past three years to reduce burnout, body fatigue, and to give players and parents a break between the school and club seasons. We will be offering specialty training (completely optional) during December and begin practices in January. Our season will end by June 25th which is a week and a half before the USAV season ends.

RUMOR: Plyo agility training (RC’s strength/conditioning program) is harmful or damaging to athletes

TRUTH: Our plyo program is basically the same training program that Misty May & Kerri Walsh-Jennings (3 time Olympic Gold Medalist) utilized. Our program incorporates core, agility, jump training, and speed all without any weights. We simply use the athlete’s own body weight. This style of training can be a great program for any sport, but we have developed our program to meet the needs of the volleyball athlete.